Liquid art blue, red.


Liquid Art Red, 15ml


Färga din vätska för att skapa glasnaglar i färg! ju mer du droppar i desto intensivare färg.
Young Nails' Imagination Art colored liquid - in Red, Blue, Yellow - gives you an unlimited pallet to work with. Just add a drop or a big fat splash to any liquid to create the color you're looking for, then mix and match with Imagination Art powders and gliter for a combination of creativity that boggles the mind.

How much of the liquid art drops do I use?

You can use as much or as little as you want. Our drops are pure pigmented monomer. You can use it almost straight or dilute it for a more sheer effect when used in combination with Clear powder. Make sure you use a separate Dappen Dish and brush to prevent color contamination between application.

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