.Bronze pigment.

👉🏼👉🏼Here it is!!👈🏼👈🏼 My 1st tutorial! 📽 [Step by step👇🏼] Had fun with this and I hope you all enjoy! Feel free to ask questions and let me know what you think below 👇🏼Thanks for watching! 😀. 1️⃣ Prep the nail as usual with a 180 sponge or medium grit file or arbor band (recommended esp. on enhancements!) Brush Protein Bond on free edge. 2️⃣ Two coats of gel polish color (I used Mani Q black) curing each coat. 3️⃣ Top with gel top coat, cure, and LEAVE the sticky layer. 4️⃣ Using the small detail end of the Caption stamper (I sacrificed one for pigment/glitter stamping 😁) lightly press into YoungNails pigment (I used gold first). Gently press onto nail working up to create a slight fade. Wipe off stamp using a gentle cleanser like ManiQ cleanse. Repeat with other pigment colors (I used sapphire and bronze) 3️⃣ Once desired blend is achieved, use a gel top coat to seal your design! Be sure to have enough product on the brush so you don t wipe off the pigment. And cure! Cleanse nail and you re finished! ✨✨ Tips & Tricks: 1️⃣ To ensure flawless blending, focus on pressing with the middle of the stamper and not the rounded edge. 2️⃣ Curing pigments before sealing with a top coat can set them and keep them from wiping off. 3️⃣ Be sure to cap the free edge with your top coat! ✅ Don t forget to comment below! Thanks again for watching nail family!

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Bronze Pigment


Pigments 1/4 oz Mixa med Akryl, Synergy gel och ManiQ för att få fram oändliga varianter av pärlemorskimrande färgkombinationer!

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