.Young Nails ARTISTIC FORMS 500/roll.

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Young Nails Mallar 500st


Mallar som fäster i alla lägen, anpassas lätt för alla storlekar, gör perfekta c-kurvor. Visste du att Young Nails Mallar är de klistrigaste i världen?
Young Nails’ Artistic nail forms are the foundation for creative freedom. Take a closer look: those perforations let you control the form and custom-fit it to any finger size. Those little hang-tabs are strategically placed so you can create the perfect C-curve. And these nail forms are ergonomically designed two ways; to work smoothly both in your hand and on your clients’ nails.

2013-01-28 av
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  • YN CURE ALL Nail Forms, 500/roll

    Nail Forms, Mallar, 500/rulle

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