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20 PC Mix 2 Nail Polish Deal

  1. PO10C023                              GET HAPPY FAST                       
  2. PO10C013                              OMG, SERIOUSLY FOR REAL?
  3. PO10C050                              HELLO & GOODBYE
  4. PO10C044                              MISSION COMPLETE
  5. PO10C021                              FIND A SHORT CUT
  6. PO10C043                              CALM COOL & COLLECTED
  7. PO10C033                              FREE TO DO WHATEVER
  8. PO10C014                              HELLO, YOU FINE THING
  9. PO10C034                              COME UP FOR AIR
  10. PO10C031                              ROMANCE VS. REALITY
  11. PO10C026                              NEVER ASK PERMISSION
  12. PO10C015                              HELL YEAH!
  13. PO10C003                              WORTH A SMALL FORTUNE
  14. PO10C056                              ZIGGED WHEN I SHOULDA ZAGGED
  15. PO10C108                              ME FIRST
  16. PO10T016                              SCREAMING AT THE TOP OF MY LUNGS
  17. PO10T007                              KEEP COOL UNDER PRESSURE
  18. PO10T002                              PUTTING IT ALL OUT THERE
  19. PO10T005                              FEELING FEISTY
  20. PO10T017                              TAKE A CHANCE


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